Keep Your Marketing on Track This Winter

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For most business owners, the winter season presents a lull in business due to drab weather and most people’s lack of interest in leaving home when they don’t need to. That doesn’t mean your business has to suffer, though. If you market your business appropriately, you can keep sales up, even when the weather has you down. Keep these vital winter marketing tips in mind this year.

  • Create a seasonal promotion. Everyone loves a sale, and most individuals tend to dream of brighter days when the weather outside is frightful. Consider creating your winter promotion that focuses on items your customers may need when spring rolls around. This can help you gain business and potentially move some out-of-season stock.
  • Create interest in your brand by involving your audience. Get your customers engaged in your social media exploits by asking them to share winter photos that others will want to see. You can even make it into a contest, with a gift card as the prize. Depending on your product, you may even consider asking that the photos feature items that you sell.
  • Promote your products that make winter seem a little warmer. Since many individuals like to “hibernate” in the winter, focus your advertising on items that make their days at home feel comfy, cozy, and warm. Remember to think outside the box, as items that aren’t typically associated with winter warmth can be presented that way if marketed properly.

If you fear losing business over the winter months, remember that your digital marketing can go a long way, especially as many customers spend more time on social media while at home keeping warm. If you need help promoting your brand this winter, reach out to Busy Bee Media by visiting our website, or call us at (800) 690-5622 to see how we can help.