How to Use TikTok for Marketing

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How to Use TikTok for Marketing

TikTok has become one of the most popular social networking platforms, especially among Gen Z and Millenials. Due to its popularity and viewership, it has quickly become a great marketing tool for businesses. In short, TikTok is very similar to Instagram, except that it uses videos rather than pictures.

Why TikTok?

TikTok is the social platform with the most opportunity to go viral – meaning that there is potential for millions of people to see your videos. The app itself is very user-friendly, and the videos are generally easy to make. Unlike Instagram’s version of this app, Reels, it doesn’t take much know-how to get started. It gives brands a chance to make light-hearted content.

Ways to Use TikTok for Marketing

Businesses can opt to make videos by their team. This will allow relationship building by putting a face to the business and making the business more relatable. This also gives companies a chance to interact with their audience, essential for relationship-building. Lastly, this will allow the team to bring brand awareness to their company on their terms.

Another way businesses can use TikTok is by advertising through influencers. The app has a lot of influencers who not only have a large following but also have a significant impact on their followers. Companies pay these influencers to advertise their products on their TikToks. It’s a guarantee that many people will see these, and brand awareness will be heightened in return.

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Companies also have the opportunity to create infeed videos. Think of these videos as commercials. They are pop-up advertisement videos that are shown in between TikTok videos. Hashtags are a popular and helpful marketing tool on social media platforms. By creating a hashtag for your business, all videos associated with your brand will be connected.

TikTok is a great marketing tool for companies. The app allows businesses to have created their advertisements. Contact us to learn how to expand your reach on TikTok and across social media channels.