How To Market Your Home Service Online

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How To Market Your Home Service Online

In this day and age, knowing how to utilize social media is vital. Some companies may get away with using social media influencers or viral reply chains on Twitter, but for your home service company, you’ll likely need to go a different route in order to advertise to local clients about your services.

Know Your SEO

Did you know that most homeowners find their service providers through the internet? All it takes is a search. This is helpful for customers, but how can you take advantage of this? You need an SEO strategy that targets people in your area. Using the right keywords on your website will boost your results on the algorithm, making it more likely for people to find you, rather than your competitors.

Pay For Advertising

On many search engines, however, the top results aren’t necessarily the websites with only the best SEO practices. Rather, they’re the ones who pay for an advertising spot. With pay-per-click ads, you’re only charged when people click on that ad, so it’s a low-risk way to attract more attention.

You can also try and run a Google Local Service Ad, which you can do after getting your business “Google Guaranteed.” Once again, your ad will appear at the top of the local search results, but the extra verification process might help clients trust you more.

The Power of Reviews

What your clients say matters, especially online. After finding your website, people will want to know if they can trust you over your competitors. Encourage people to leave a review after using your service, and respond in ways that show you’re listening to feedback.

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