How One Bad Review Can Ruin Your Business

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How One Bad Review Can Ruin Your Business

There’s no denying that online presence is a big part of a business’s success. This doesn’t just mean that your social media and website have to be user-friendly and have good SEO (though those things are very important). It also means that your business has to have effective online customer service and damage control. This means being active on Google Reviews and Yelp, yes, but it’s increasingly important to have effective social media to respond to issues on those platforms as well. The internet is a complicated world, but with the right help and guidance, your online presence could skyrocket your business profits.

Control Your Online Reputation

The first step in controlling your reputation online is monitoring what people are saying about you. This isn’t always the easiest task. Lots of people do leave Google and Yelp reviews, which is an obvious place to look when gauging online influence. Remember that most people leave reviews only if they have a very positive or very negative experience; those who have average experiences are unlikely to take the time to say anything about it online. These platforms were also designed to connect customers with establishments, so you’re getting a sense only of what guests want you to know directly.

For this reason, reviews only tell you so much. Social media can be much the same way, with many Millennials and Gen Z individuals opting to tweet at a company rather than go through the process of submitting a complaint. Really, without guidance, it’s really hard to get an accurate picture of your business’s reputation.

Revamp Your Online Reputation

The solution is utilizing Reputation Management Services. At Busy Bee Media, we access how often your company is mentioned online, ratings, the accuracy of basic information, social media interactions, and visibility on search engines to create a comprehensive idea of how your business is perceived in the digital world and what can be done to improve your standard. This invaluable perk comes free with our other services and could be the key to exponential growth. Contact us today to get started.