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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most essential tool in a company’s digital marketing campaign. Unfortunately, SEO strategies are more complex than most people expect them to be. Evergreen content and keywords are crucial to making SEO work, but they're only part of the whole process that supports the overall result.
There are three major contributing parts to SEO that must work together, or the entire effort is diminished. One of these parts is technical SEO. Because technical SEO is more private than the other components, it is most likely to be forgotten. It occurs on the back end of your website and involves the website framework and how it sorts content. Though the format is hidden, it still significantly impacts your website's overall function and rating. It helps search engines scan your website to determine its relevance to a specific search and where to rank it on a search engine results page (SERPs). Without the support of Houston technical SEO, both on-page and off-page SEO efforts will lose their effectiveness if the search engine cannot crawl to see if you have the correct information for the job.

Improving Your Houston Technical SEO

Technical SEO is not the simplest of digital marketing to understand. Even with this difficulty, there are still many ways for businesses to improve their SEO. These suggestions can help you understand how technical SEO works within your digital marketing campaign and how you can improve the impact:

  • Optimize for both mobile and desktop. It is more common for searchers to use their mobile device instead of their desktop when they search for information. You will be alienating a large population if your website cannot accommodate both types of devices. Search engine algorithms will assess website accessibility over multiple platforms. A low website ranking on SERPs can be a result of low compatibility.
  • Implementing an XML sitemap. These features will guide your website users so they can find the information that they need within the site. They can be used as a way to update your site and highlight any changes. The XML sitemap can also allow increased site interaction by your users, which can support increased traffic on your site.
  • Consider accelerated mobile pages (AMPs). Though this coding is new, it will streamline your mobile site so there is less noise. It creates a site that is easier to use and more functionally accessible to smartphone users. Removing the clutter allows for faster navigation and better display. It makes you more favorable for search engines that will rank you.
  • Input a secure sockets layer (SSL). This makes your site more secure by encrypting your website link. Because more search engines consider the security of sites in their analysis, an SSL informs them that your site is safe for users to visit.
  • Eliminate repeat content. Duplicate content can make your website less usable and more confusing. Search engines will also have a hard time scanning our website if there is duplicate content. When you eliminate the problematic duplicate content, you will eliminate other technical SEO mistakes that occur when you repeat yourself, and search engines will rank you more highly.
  • Speed up your site. One example of how search engines are prioritizing efficiency, speed, and user experience is Google’s Core Web Vitals. There are two-fold benefits to this development. If your site loads faster, users are more likely to stay on your page and search for what they need. This faster load time is now an aspect of your search engine ranking as well.

Improve Your Houston Technical SEO

For your SEO plan to be effective, you must correctly use on-site, off-site, and technical SEO for your Houston business. Though technical SEO runs in the background, it is still just as vital as the other more upfront SEO types. It improves your website’s overall performance, allowing search engines to rank your site higher. Because technical SEO is a harder task to accomplish, many businesses seek assistance to ensure it is done without error.

Your website optimization is important to your digital marketing plan — do not leave it to just anyone. Busy Bee Media experts are highly trained in all areas of SEO and will maximize your return on your digital marketing strategy. With over four decades of experience in the industry, we have crafted a full-service company with the motivation and means to optimize your consumer’s digital experience. Contact us today for more information.
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