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The Houston market for a roofing company offers a vast array of opportunities to expand your business. From commercial opportunities to real estate, a city such as Houston brings the challenges of standing out from the growing competition. Utilizing a strategic digital marketing plan can help you stand out and attract new customers throughout the city. Customizing the strategy to meet your needs can produce an increase in customers, business, and profitability.

Successful marketing in the Houston area requires the right digital marketing campaign to help bring your vision to life. A marketing company must take time to understand you and the goals of your business. Without this knowledge, a marketing campaign cannot adequately help you reach your target audience. At Busy Bee Media, we take the time to get to know you, your brand, and also your customers so that we can build a consistent and complete campaign. With the tools at our disposal, we will set you apart from the competition in a crowded Houston market.

Houston Roofer Marketing Strategy for You

The mark of any good roofing company is how often the company sees the customer. The nature of roofing means that the more you see a customer for the same roof, the higher the likelihood the job was done incompletely. Any roofer would like to see their work last for years. On average, a roof will last 15–25 years before it needs any new work done to it. It is for this reason that roofing companies must constantly search for new ways to reach their target audience and continue to bring in new clients.

This means that marketing campaigns must be targeted, continuous, and efficient to attract new customers. By highlighting the quality of your work, customers will build trust in your brand. There are several ways to accomplish this. A few include:

  • Effective search engine optimization, or SEO. User friendliness is a priority for any website. This includes keeping information up to date and evergreen. These will help to increase a brand’s ranking on search results pages such as Google. With the incorporation of keywords, your website becomes more attractive and favored by search engines, resulting in maximized energy for the site.
  • Advertising on search engines with pay-per-click. Paid advertising is a way to speed up the process that can help your website gain more attention from search engines. While SEO strategies are important and effective, they take time to reach their full potential. If your brand is seeking greater recognition more quickly, or you wish to invest more in your campaign, pay-per-click advertising may be the way to go in order to accomplish your brand goals and customer acquisition.
  • User-friendly website design. When users visit your site, they want to know that it will work on any device and is easy to navigate. Without good design, your potential customers are left feeling lost and searching for an answer when they can’t find it where they expect it.
  • Proudly representing your reviews. Customer reviews, both positive and negative, provide an opportunity for you to engage with the community. By responding to different types of reviews, your company builds trust with the local market that you are listening to what is being said in an effort to continuously improve your brand. While some reviews may cause a rise in anxiety, every review is a new piece of evidence that can help you continue to positively impact the community.
  • Content and social media marketing. Marketing strategies that include these can help to convert potential clients into established customers by targeting your ideal client. Utilizing social media as a form of advertising can help new customers discover your brand, while curated content can help promote your brand’s voice. Social media is an effective way of driving customers to your website.

Consider Busy Bee Media’s Roofer Marketing for Your Houston Roofing Businesses

Busy Bee Media takes the guesswork out of your marketing. With our team of experts, we take into consideration your brand’s unique needs and client base to tailor a campaign that works with you and for you. When you’re ready to build your brand’s marketing campaign, contact us and we’ll help you get started.
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