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As you create a digital marketing plan, search engine optimization (SEO) must be your foundation. SEO is a key part of creating a successful online presence. However, there are multiple categories of SEO, and maximizing their potential requires that you use the right type for each situation.

Local SEO helps to boost your influence within your specific geographical area. Using local SEO services in Houston can increase your web page’s standing in search engine results pages (SERPs) and make you more visible to the potential consumers in your area. Failing to correctly utilize local SEO practices for the Houston area can diminish your returns.

Difference Between Local SEO and Traditional SEO

If you have experience with SEO, it is likely because you have looked into optimizing your marketing strategy, so you are likely wondering why you need to spend even more time crafting local SEO methods. To fully understand the reasoning behind the need for local Houston search engine optimization, you must consider the massive size of the internet and the global marketplace. You likely created your business to fill a need within your community. On a global scale, multiple businesses are competing within the same market. You may be competing with large companies that have greater brand recognition and vast resources. When using local SEO, you can narrow your competition from the global scale to only local competitors. This smaller group is much more manageable to compete against, so it is easier to get the attention you need for a successful business.

Traditional SEO applies to a much larger market than local SEO. It matches searches with relevant results without regard for the results’ location. While this type of SEO is useful for companies with national or international clients, it can bury smaller businesses that typically serve their local communities. For example, restaurants need to appear when someone is searching for food specifically in the local area. However, a medical supply company that serves the entire United States would eliminate a significant percentage of their clients if they limited their SEO to any one area.

Houston Local SEO and Search Engine Algorithms

Keywords and keyphrases are essential in an SEO plan. Houston local SEO uses the names of a neighborhood, city, and state a notable number of times within the content. Search engine algorithms will detect this frequent use and determine that you are a good result for location-specific questions and searches. The location use can help make you especially relevant in searches where other websites have similar information but do not include their location. In this instance, you will have the advantage. Your location is sometimes the best way to beat out your competitors.

Houston is a sizeable area, so the city’s local SEO may not be enough to draw the amount of attention that you need to support and grow your company. Breaking it down further and designing content that connects you to your community can help draw this attention. Blog posts about area statistics, local news, and neighborhood-specific events can tie you to a community, even in an area as large as Houston.

Optimize Your Platforms for Mobile Use

A vital component of implementing location-based SEO is optimizing your mobile sites and platforms. Though it is still common for people to do research or projects on a laptop or desktop, most people will search for local services and products using their smartphones. This means someone searching for “restaurants near me” will likely do so using a mobile device. Few people will commit to starting up a computer simply to look for a local restaurant. Failing to ensure your website is ready for mobile traffic is the best way to capitalize on this market.

Implementing Powerful Local SEO Strategies

If you need local SEO services in Houston, Busy Bee Media’s highly trained staff has years of expertise to draw on. We are committed to assisting you with increasing your local client base and capitalizing on your most likely consumers — your neighbors. From localized keywords to mobile optimization, our proven methods will help you stand out within your local markets. You can trust us with your business. For more information on our local SEO services, contact us through our website today.
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