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For any business based on home service marketing, staying on top of market trends is crucial for increasing the promotion of services in the Houston area. Creating an interesting website that uniquely showcases your landscaping brand is one of the best ways to highlight your company’s expertise. At Busy Bee Media, we provide the resources that can help set your company apart from the rest, accentuating your unique brand and keeping your website compatible with upcoming market trends.

In Houston, the local market for landscaping clients is booming, with seemingly endless opportunities for new client retention. Commercial and residential real estate developments are springing up across the city, allowing you to take on new projects daily. Today, the majority of shopping and service searching happens online, so staying up to date with these changes can help you succeed in digital and traditional marketing. Creating a comprehensive marketing layout that highlights your business, both from a traditional and digital marketing standpoint, can create an abundance of opportunities for bringing in new clients, all with a simple search.

Houston-Based SEO Services for Landscapers

Search engine optimization, often referred to as SEO, is what helps display your website earlier in searches for your services. For example, with the right SEO redesign, your website could be found on one of the first results pages for “Houston Landscaping Services.” Blending complex algorithms and marketing methods, SEO redesigns typically require a technical, page-specific, and off-page component. When merged, these systems create the marketing necessary to present your services to new clients.

Overall, these components only make up a fraction of the SEO strategy used for Houston landscape marketing. Some of the most prominent ways to promote your business include:
  • Social Media: Utilizing social media to promote your landscaping services to new clients is always a good option for high visibility. Over 60% of the world’s population is on social media, in one form or another, so social media marketing is perfect for reaching a wider audience. Besides marketing to new clients, social media can let you connect with existing clients. This allows them to tag your business page or post personal experiences with your services that link directly back to your work.
  • Encourage Customer Reviews: Customer reviews not only increase your legitimacy but also allow prospective clients to read first-hand encounters and reviews of your services. Customer reviews, both positive and negative, help show that your business welcomes feedback and is willing to take these reviews into account when going over your business plan. Addressing negative reviews, and helping remedy any of these unfavorable situations, can help potential customers see how much your business values customer interactions and satisfaction.
  • Paid Advertising: Free advertising from social media can be wonderful for increasing your exposure through natural shares and customer interactions. However, paid advertising helps elevate your business by creating opportunities for an even wider customer base through credible, solid promotions. Paid advertising opens the possibility for sponsorships and brand deals, helping you partner with other businesses in your area as part of your digital marketing.
  • Mobile Compatibility: With 85% of Americans using their phones for all their daily tasks, making your website compatible with mobile devices is crucial for promoting your Houston landscaping services. Searching for services on mobile devices is one of the main ways that clients can find your landscaping business, so ensuring that your website is legible across all platforms is crucial for proper marketing.

Perfecting Your Houston Landscape Marketing With Busy Bee Media

Regardless of your business size, investing in the accessibility of your website is important for growing your clientele. Residential and commercial landscaping services can benefit from proper SEO marketing services. The initial expenditures you make to improve your business will help secure your success in the future, and this all begins with a solid digital marketing plan.

Busy Bee Media has an expert lineup of website designers, content optimizers, and digital marketing techs that can completely reshape and improve your digital footprint. Since we recruit some of the best marketing design techs across the country, we can ensure that our unique design plan is guaranteed to help with your Houston landscape marketing. To start your SEO redesign with Busy Bee Media, visit our website and contact us today.
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