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Running a franchise is a unique opportunity to own your own business. It allows you to remove some of the guesswork from establishing a brand and instead operate under an established company. However, your franchise is still yours, and your local reputation matters as much as your national one. That means you have to create new and unique opportunities for your franchise to grow.

In person or online, your franchise can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). Through properly executed SEO, your franchise can take advantage of your local market. After all, you are competing against other franchises in your same area for the same company, so that means setting your unique business apart. Bringing in new customers to your specific location can be difficult because of the competitive nature of the Houston market in most industries.

Local SEO Is an Asset to Your Franchise

Localizing the SEO of your franchise helps to set your location apart from others that may be in your area, your city, or your state. By utilizing local SEO strategies, you can use your knowledge of your local community to make connections with the residents of that community, which can bring new traffic to your company. As your company’s location-based SEO becomes more focused, you will appear more in your local customer’s search engine results pages (SERPs).
Keeping SEO strategies localized allows you to drive customers to a specific franchise location. If a branch is underperforming, local SEO can bring in new people. There is a significant correlation between SEO strategies and their impact on the local market by bringing new customers to a business. Neglecting SEO strategies can lead to competitors taking customers away from your location and driving them to their own.

How to Use Franchise SEO

There are a few keys to successful localized SEO strategies. It is important to understand some of these strategies and how they can benefit you so you can use them correctly and effectively.

  • Read the reviews. Reading reviews may make you cringe from time to time, but understanding how to highlight the positive reviews in your digital content can help to create a positive reputation for your local franchise. Reviews can feature not only customer feedback but photos, videos, comments, and suggestions. That doesn’t mean ignoring the negative reviews; it means that you can also utilize them to make improvements to your local business to show customers that you care and listen to what they have to say.
  • Use Google Maps. Google offers many services, but one that can be extremely valuable to you is the use of Google My Business. This allows you to keep directions and contact information updated so that your potential customers can easily find you. Google also uses this information to help optimize its own systems.
  • Create location-based content. Creating geo-location tags by mentioning your local community on your website can help increase your location SERPs. A good example is how you may have found this page. Googling “Houston Franchise SEO” allowed you to see results that matched that search and may have brought you to meet us.
  • Tighten your brand. Localizing your SEO is important, but using SEO to increase your brand awareness across multiple franchises is another huge benefit to driving customers. The more your branding looks the same, the more your customers will learn to recognize the brand. This builds trust in the services provided by franchises within the larger company. The cohesion that an established company creates with its franchises is a way to bring customers in because they become familiar with it from multiple locations.
There are many other strategies that can help with your Houston franchise SEO. Our company, Busy Bee Media, has the expertise and commitment to maximize the potential of each for you.

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