Electrician Marketing Services
Marketing for Electrical Contactors

As an electrical contractor, marketing is always a key part of your business. There are several ways when it comes to effective electrician marketing and below we have listed some of the best ways an electrician can advertise their company with generating the highest ROI.

1) What customer are you trying to target?
When answering this question the best things to look at are what kind of customer do you want? Do you prefer a commercial customer or residential?

2) What services do you want to generate more business for?
You may now be generating a lot of small rewiring or hot tub installations, maybe you want more commercial jobs, larger projects. You need your advertising to reflect the type of customer you want to generate, if you do that the smaller jobs will come along as well.

3) What areas do you want to target for these customers and services?
Are you making sure you are targeting customers in all the areas you service? Are you looking to move into other areas within the next 12 months? Make sure all your marketing reflects the areas you service. Example: If you are an Norfolk Electrician but you also service areas outside of Norfolk like Virginia Beach (only 18 miles away, with a population of over 440k). It is a good idea to let your potential customers know this.

4) Why should a customer choose you over your competitor?
4a) Do you offer any services that your competition doesn’t offer (e.g. guaranteed appointments, service guarantees etc.)
4b) Do you have any accolades, training or certification your competitor doesn’t have (e.g. Voted Best Electrician by your local newspaper or any magazines)?

Generate more customers with your electrician marketing program.

1) Referral Marketing:
As with any business your most cost effective method of advertising comes from referrals. When you do a great job, have professional, clean and experienced technicians visit your customers you are more likely to have you customers refer you to their friends, family and even more importantly you keep them as a recurring client.

The mistake a lot of businesses make, and electricians fall into this category, is making sure you give an incentive for your customer to refer your company. So how do you do this while maintaining your professional relationship with your customer? There are actually several ways:

1a) While your customer is thanking you for your help, thank them for their business, tell them it has been a pleasure working for them. Hand them a few extra business cards and let them know if they have any friends, family or neighbors that need electrical needs taken care of, if they are referred by your current customer you will give them a discount ($50 off etc), and you will give them a referral credit so if the need ever arises for your services again they will already have credit that can take care of some of the cost.

Maybe this is something you already do, if so kudos to you, this is one of the biggest steps we have noticed clients of ours have overlooked time, and time again. You would be amazed at what asking for a referral can do, especially when you’re giving your customer an incentive to do so!

1b) Have your customer give you a review, on Google, Facebook or even your own site. In the day of the internet reviews can be very helpful in generating new customers, as well as sending potential referrals your way. The problem a lot of businesses face is when you have happy customers they are unlikely to give a review, however if a customer had a bad experience they make sure to tell everyone.

Reviews can also help you with customer retention. Maybe you thought a customer was pleased with your service. but in reality they were upset about something. When you ask for the review you have the opportunity to correct the issue and create a long term customer, and of course referrals they can send your way.

The easiest way for your customers to add reviews is by having a customer review section on your site. You can ask them to please rate your service. Once they rate your service on your site you can ask them to place that review on Google, Facebook, Yelp etc. For taking the time to do that you will reward them with a $5 giftcard to subway or starbucks. You will be amazed how many of your customers will be happy to leave a review, especially with an incentive for them 🙂

Growing your electrical contracting business through marketing channels

2) Traditional Marketing:
When we talk about traditional marketing we are looking at the TV, Radio, Direct Mail & yellowpages. For electricians we feel that tv and radio are not the best avenues unless you are looking for brading options. As for Direct Mail & Yellow Pages these can still help you generate your local client base, so if the price is right I would say to continue advertising in these methods, make sure you track results. If it works continue or increase your spend, if it doesnt work sometimes it’s best to cut loses and look at other marketing options.

3) Internet Marketing:
As an electrician internet marketing can seem confusing, but done right it can be very helpful in growing your electrical business. We service electricians in many areas when it comes to the online marketing.

There are many important pieces to a successful local internet marketing campaign and it all starts with your website design and url structure. You want to make sure your site is user friendly, make your layout easy for a customer to navigate. Use 5 or 6 major pages and put the pieces of your website under each major page it fits under. For instance commercial electrician, residential electrician, generators, electrical wiring, about us etc. In this cae if you were talking about rewiring a solar panel in a home or business you would place that page underneath electrical rewiring. This makes it easy for the user to find what they are looking for with ease. Don’t make your site complicated.

In addition to creating a user friendly site make sure your site is search engine friendly and the search engines can easily find and index your site on theirs so their users can find your company with ease (try not to use urls with alot of & or ?, make your site structure and url as simple as possible), this will also help your user come back to that page if they didn’t bookmark it.

Hope this has been informative and helpful with the marketing of your electrician business. If you have comments or other tips you feel may help electricians with their marketing needs please contact us. We look forward to hearing the feedback you have to offer as an electrician yourself.

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