Directory Listings Do Matter
correcting data across the web.

As an SEO Client of Busy Bee Media we make sure your business is listed with all the correct information in over 40 directories across the web. These directories combined have over 150 million visitors a month. Directories include; Yahoo Local, Yelp, City Search, 411, Best of the Web etc. We create listings in all the directories and optimize all your directory listings to help generate traffic and new customers to your business.

This helps your potential customers find you, generate reviews by current customers and make sure all your listings are uniform across the web. This ensures your customers and potential customers are getting the correct information about your business no matter where they look.

While our local SEO services are focused on rankings on the Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines, we focus on your potential and current customers online experience. This in turn becomes a foundation for our main goal; helping your business grow in clientele and revenue. We need to make sure no matter where someone may be looking for you, they get the correct information.

Directory Listing Service FAQ’s

Do the directories cost me more?
No, every customer that starts a program with Busy Bee Media has a small start-up fee (this covers the listings on the directories, site structure, content, complete overhaul of your onsite data & structure, etc.) so there is not an extra charge for the listings we create, modify and/or update in these directories.

Can I pay less and not be listed in these directories?
No. When you choose Busy Bee Media as your internet marketing partner we do not take short cuts and leaving out the directories is a short cut that can cost you customers and in turn revenue. As mentioned above these directories are used by over 150 million people a month. Those users are potential new customers so we include it in all our local marketing packages. After all, you want things done right and want to generate revenue from your website correct?

Can I update any data within the directories?
Yes! All data can be updated within our system or manually if not in the system. You can update content, hours, payments accepted, photos, coupons and much more. We allow you to make these changes 1 time a quarter free of charge. If there is more than 1 change needed in a quarterly period a small fee may apply.

Can I just pay for the directories and not SEO services?
Yes. While it is not advisable, if you prefer to pay to have listings in all the directories created, updated & managed but do not want to pay for local SEO services we allow you to do this. The cost of that would be $500/yr (per market) if you were going to update all data and make changes and an additional $800/yr (per market) for us to create the content and update all the data in the directories. While we recommend including it in a local SEO program we do allow you to use this service without an internet marketing agreement.

What if I service Multiple Markets?

If you service multiple markets and have workers & a physical location in those markets we would want to create local listings in all the directories in every market you service. If you don’t have other service locations but you do business in other markets we would only create one listing on each directory/social platform.

Example – When not to create multiple listings: Your business is located in San Diego, CA and you service Los Angeles, CA but don’t have a physical location where customers could come, than we would only create directory listings in the city where you are located and mention your service areas. This makes your listing valuable to your customers and directories because there are not factitious addresses where you potential customer may drive to and find out you are not located at. Few things are more frustrating for a customer than searching for a company that says they are located at a specific place just to find out they truly don’t have a location there.

Example – When to create multiple listings: Your business services San Diego, CA & Los Angeles, CA and you have a fully operational location where a customer can walk in and gather information or talk to someone about the product and services you offer. If this is the case you would want to create 2 separate directory listings, 1 for each location. This is valuable to your customer because if they are looking for your service or products they will than see the location that is closest to them. If they decide to drive to your location without calling, the customer is greeted by employees of the company instead of finding an empty building or post office box.

NOTE: in addition to the directories pictured to the right we also ensure your listings are uniform and complete on Google/Google+, Bing, Facebook (if you have one), AT&T, Yellowbook, DexKnows, Angieslist and other local directories & social hangouts relevant to the customers & service areas you service.

If you have questions or would like further information about this product or any services offered by Busy Bee Media, please visit our contact page or call us at 800-690-5622. Thank you for your interest in Busy Bee Media. We look forward to serving your business and it’s customers needs.

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