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SEO, or search engine optimization, is the key to success for any digital marketing campaign, and there are many moving parts to implementing it successfully. An effective SEO strategy needs to be comprehensive to create significant results. One of its most important aspects is technical SEO. 

Technical SEO is not as straightforward as other things, like key phrases and link building, but it can significantly improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Technical SEO can often be overlooked because it is not as visible as the other SEO components. It centers on the website’s structure, such as the formatting and layout of the information. Internal links also contribute to technical SEO. These components will affect how a search engine will scan your website in a process called “crawling.” This process is how search engines decide how to rank your website. 

Improving Your Detroit Technical SEO

It can be difficult to understand technical SEO if you are not familiar with it, but you can implement several strategies to improve it. Here are a few suggestions for how to better understand the impact technical SEO can have on your digital marketing and ways to upgrade it: 

  • Develop mobile and desktop optimization. Smartphones and mobile devices, rather than computers, are the chosen search tool for many people. You must optimize your website for desktop and mobile searches to ensure each user has the best experience. For any smartphone user, making a search query is much easier on mobile, which means that if your website does not have a mobile-friendly version, you are missing out on traffic. Optimization for mobile users will also improve your SERP rankings since accessibility is a key factor in rankings for many search engines. 

  • Incorporate AMPs or accelerated mobile pages. This is a new form of coding that will streamline your mobile site. AMPs will remove significant clutter from your site, providing a better display and easier navigation. These improvements will positively impact your search engine ranking. 

  • Avoid content repetition. Having the same content in multiple places on your site can lead to confusion and decreased navigation quality for users and search engines. Get rid of duplicate content to improve SERP rankings and help you avoid additional issues. 

  • Include a secure sockets layer (SSL). Visitors will not like staying on a website that can expose their personal information. This feature will make your website more secure through encryption. Security is another factor that search engines consider for rankings, and an SSL will show your website is safe for visitors. 

  • Incorporate an XML sitemap. This map will guide visitors to different sections of your site and highlight changes that have been made. XML sitemaps make your website more interactive for users, which improves traffic and drives up your SERP ranking. An XML sitemap is also easy for algorithms to detect, improving your rankings. 

  • Improve your site’s speed. Increasing the loading speed of your site is a great way to reap multiple benefits. There are two main benefits to optimizing your website’s speed: First, potential customers are likely to interact with your website longer if it loads quickly, reducing your bounce rates. Second, the faster loading time counts positively in your ranking. One example of search engines prioritizing speed, efficiency, and user experience is Google’s Core Web Vitals. These are key elements that Google uses to measure your website’s performance. It evaluates how interactive your website is, how fast it loads, and how visually stable it is.

Build Your Detroit Technical SEO Today 

Effective SEO will incorporate on-site, off-site, and technical SEO strategies. Since it functions primarily out of view on your website, technical SEO can prove tricky. Still, it is essential for strong performance and high rankings. If you are not familiar with the ins and outs of technical SEO, making the necessary changes and improvements can seem overwhelming. But Busy Bee Media can help. 

Trust your Detroit technical SEO to the experts. Busy Bee Media has extensive SEO training and will work with you to ensure the best return on your investment. Our company has over four decades in the industry and is here to help with all your digital marketing needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your SERP ranking.

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