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One primary aspect of successful digital marketing is SEO or search engine optimization. Focusing your search engine optimization on the local market can help guarantee that your website is one of the first results someone finds when they search for businesses like yours. Being among the first will help you be ready and available to answer any questions your potential clients may have instead of worrying about your visibility. To help you focus on what you do best, you must adjust your SEO practices toward the Detroit market.

The Difference Between Detroit Local SEO Services and Traditional SEO

If you have previously used digital marketing, you may be familiar with SEO and probably use it often. It might not seem worthwhile to invest in local SEO specifically if you do not know how it differs from traditional SEO. The global market is vast, and the internet makes countless products readily available, so many other businesses worldwide could offer the same services you do. Putting an additional focus on local SEO ensures that you compete against a smaller market in your area rather than the entire world. It is much easier to gain the traction and attention you deserve when you compete in the right market. This positioning will help you draw in more locals who will become loyal customers. 

If you run a large chain of grocery stores with locations around the country, you would want to cast a wide net with your SEO to attract as many customers as possible. If your business is a small store in Midtown, however, your website must be readily available for people searching for your type of store in that neighborhood. 

Traditional SEO reaches the global market by picking relevant results regardless of the location of the search. This format is ideal for large companies operating worldwide, but it can do a significant disservice to small, local businesses. As a small company, your odds of visibility and recognition will significantly improve with local SEO implementation.

Search Engine Algorithms and Local SEO

When developing any SEO strategy, it is essential to use proper keywords and key phrases. Still, with Detroit local SEO services, it is beneficial to incorporate city, neighborhood, and state names regularly in your content. The repeated use of these locations lets the search engine algorithm know that your website is a strong, location-specific result. This strategy is also a great way to raise your standing over other sites with similar offerings that do not serve your neighborhood. 

Local SEO strategies may need to extend beyond the city itself because Detroit is not a small area. If you aim to reach a more specific geographic area, you should also develop community-centric content. This content could include articles about neighborhood events or blogs highlighting local stories to showcase your connection with the community. 

Mobile Platform Optimization 

If you run a neighborhood bar in Corktown, potential customers will likely look for places while out with friends. Many will not sit down with a laptop to find a spot for a drink but instead will rely on their smartphones to find the best options. 

A website optimized for mobile users is a great way to boost your local SEO. Many consumers do a significant amount of work and research on a desktop or laptop computer, but that is not always the case for local searches. If an individual is looking for specific products or services in their local area, they are more likely to use their mobile device, especially if they are moving. 

Search engines prioritize websites that are optimized for mobile because of the user experience. If a user taps on your website link from their mobile device and finds that your site loads slowly and lags frequently, they will have a negative experience. Their tapping away from your site will take away from your ranking and will lead them straight to a competitor’s website.

Great Detroit Local SEO Services

The experts at Busy Bee Media have a proven track record with local SEO. We will help you connect with your neighbors so you can become a favorite in your area and grow a successful brand. Our team understands how important it is to stand out in Detroit. Contact us today to discover how we can take your marketing game to the next level.

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