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When a company chooses digital marketing tools, they leave digital breadcrumbs that lead their audience to discover and understand their brand. Unfortunately, companies aren’t the only ones in control of what is said or presented regarding their brand. Misinformation about your business and negative reviews can have drastic impacts on your sales.

There are ways to protect your reputation, however, though it is a time-consuming job. At Busy Bee Media, we know how precious that time is to you, so we offer reputation management services to keep your business moving down the right path and keep your customer base engaged with your brand positively. We can monitor user reviews and posted information while simultaneously creating a response plan for when your digital marketing hits a virtual speed bump.

Response Plan

Response plans may seem unnecessary because there is never an expectation that something will go wrong. When something does go wrong, however, it will be important to be prepared. The lack of a response plan, for instance, can give the impression of unprofessionalism from your company to your consumer base. This can further damage your reputation and your credibility.

One of the most common plans you should have ready is replying to consumer reviews. In today’s digital world, there are numerous ways consumers can leave feedback about your brand to others based on their experience. The response your brand chooses to use in these situations will either alienate further potential customers or leave them with a newly instilled level of confidence in your brand, knowing that you are listening.

Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, is an important element of your brand. With the right response plan in place, you ensure not only an appropriate response but a timely one as well. Keeping current on your responses will help you show your clientele that what is happening now matters just as much as what is happening next. You are using immediate feedback to help make any necessary changes moving forward.

Social Mentions Analysis

In addition to tracking review sites, Busy Bee Media offers analysis services that will monitor social media platforms for mentions of your brand. It is important to know where your brand is being discussed and what is the context of that conversation. Much like monitoring and responding to reviews, the same approach should be taken to social media mentions where you can control the narrative of your brand. Through the tracking of both positive and negative social media mentions, you can continue to grow the brand awareness that you desire while building the rapport with your consumers that keeps them coming back or gives them pause to consider a second chance.

Because social media is becoming an ever-growing news source, it can be difficult to discern facts from fiction for users. That is why it is important to take control of discussions surrounding your brand so you can keep the right information flowing onto the screens of your consumers.

More Reputation Management Analytics and Reports

Tracking data isn’t always the most exciting, but with the help of Busy Bee Media, we make that process much easier. We not only provide reports that are easy to understand, but we also take time to compare your data with that of your competitors. Through competitive analysis, you can not only see how you compare to other brands, but you can also understand the value of your brand. This can help you make important business decisions that let you move past the others in your brand’s space by looking at the strengths and weaknesses you may need to address. The competitive analysis will help you stay on top of current trends and grow your business in a way that meets those trends.

While we know your Dallas business is already demanding in such a large market, our team at Busy Bee Media also knows how our services can help with your business's reputation management without adding to the already overwhelming day-to-day tasks that you have. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to keep your business moving forward. Contact us today and find out how we can help get your digital marketing plan moving forward with that reputation safety net.

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