Common SEO Term Glossary

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Common SEO Term Glossary

When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of terms and jargon that tend to be thrown around. If you’re starting your SEO journey, you might be a bit confused by what all of the websites are talking about. Here are a few common but potentially obscure SEO terms and what they mean:

  • Alt text. Also known as an alt attribute, this is a description of an image in the HTML code. 
  • Black hat. This term refers to SEO practices that violate Google’s guidelines. 
  • Bounce rate. This is a term for how many users leave a website after viewing one page.
  • Crawling. This is how search engines discover your website and its pages.
  • Headings. Tags organize content on a page, starting with a single H1 tag for the title and H2 tags for subheadings.
  • Indexing. When content is stored and organized during a crawl, it’s indexed. De-indexing is a similar term but refers to when a website is removed from Google’s index.
  • Metadata. This data tells search engines exactly what your website is and what you’re all about.
  • Organic. Also known as “organic traffic,” this is the term for people visiting your website through a regular search-engine result instead of a paid advertisement. 
  • Page rank. Page rank is Google’s way of estimating a web page’s importance through the links’ quality and quantity.
  • SERP. The search engine results page is what you get after you search.
  • White hat. The opposite of black hat, white hat practices obey the search engine’s guidelines.

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