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Roofers operating in busy cities like Cleveland must constantly build new leads and keep projects in the pipeline to maximize profits and grow their businesses. Even with an eye-catching logo and a memorable company name, simply sticking your information on the side of a box van and tooling around Cleveland looking for jobs won’t suffice to keep your brand visible, memorable, and associated with high-quality work. You need an online presence as well. 

However, the sort of online customer outreach needed to keep your schedule booked and build trust in your brand can very easily become like a second full-time career. A roofer with bills to pay and deadlines to meet simply doesn’t have the extra time or energy to master the world of online marketing on the side. This is when Cleveland’s smartest roofers turn to Busy Bee Media for assistance.

Cleveland Roofer Marketing From Busy Bee Media

Our results-driven marketing process begins with identifying your exact customer base and zooming in on the online spaces where they can be located. This may look quite different from project to project, depending on which part of Cleveland you work in, what materials you work with, the sorts of jobs you take on, the size of your business, and your long-term business goals. Once we intimately understand both your business and your desired clientele, we will begin to identify the tools and strategies that will best connect the two.

Even the most satisfied roofing customers are very unlikely to buy a new roof or even purchase repairs year after year. This means a roofing operation cannot sustain itself, much less grow, without constantly seeking out new leads. An effective digital marketing strategy achieves this passively, through your website and search engine placement, so that you get to focus on what you’re best at — installing world-class roofs on your customers’ properties.

Cleveland Roofer Marketing Strategies Custom Built for Your Needs

Marketing for roofers can look a little different than marketing for other types of contractors and service industries. It’s difficult for roofers to retain satisfied customers because once a roof is installed well, it’s very likely you won’t work with that customer for another decade or more, if ever again. This may be especially true for roofers specializing in heavy-duty commercial installs or durable metal roofs that may not need so much as routine maintenance for years post-install.

This means digital marketing strategies for roofing companies must focus on securing new leads — and converting those leads into new business. Retaining and supporting an existing client base is a great commitment for operators in any industry, but for long-lasting products like roofs, finding the next new customer must always be a priority.

Because of the constant need to generate new business, Cleveland roofer marketing must be approached as an open-ended, ongoing project. Tactics may include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO). Populating your website with useful and well-written content is a time-tested way to improve your placement on search engine results pages (SERPs) which will, in turn, make your brand visible to customers throughout Cleveland and generate more new leads.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and other ads. Quality SEO is crucial, but it can take a while to work. For new businesses, or those seeing a slump after a re-branding, pay-per-click link placements can be a great stop-gap measure to see instant results. PPC campaigns work by bidding on keywords and then paying Google or other search engines to show your link on the premium digital real estate at the top of search results.

  • Customer experience. Your website should have meaningful, optimized content that your visitors will find useful and memorable. This content must work equally well on mobile devices or desktop PCs to be effective. Any device or web browser that is incompatible with your website potentially means lost business.

  • Interactivity. A great way to build trust in your brand is to simply take some time each day to be active online. Use review websites to thank satisfied customers for positive reviews or respond constructively to negative comments. Post pictures of your best work on social media and interact with commenters. Using the internet for business purposes doesn’t have to be stressful or dull — just because you’re a serious service provider doesn’t mean your brand should have no personality or humanity behind it.

Busy Bee Media: High-End Marketing Services for Your Cleveland Roofing Businesses

Successfully promoting your roofing business online can be like a full-time job itself when you’re vying for work in a crowded major market like Cleveland. Get in touch with the experts at Busy Bee Media when you’re ready to put your digital marketing in capable, professional hands.

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