Busy Bee Media | Marketing Your Home Service Business During the Holidays

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Busy Bee Media | Marketing Your Home Service Business During the Holidays

Marketing Your Home Service Business During the Holidays

With everyone bustling from one thing to the next during the holiday season, it may be hard to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) options. However, these strategies are necessary if you have a home service business to spread holiday cheer and continue engaging your customer base.

Ensure Your Holiday Hours Are up to Date

During the holiday season, counting on a business’s hours is an uncertain gamble for customers. Make sure your hours are available on your website and clearly show that they have been updated for the time of year. If your company is available throughout the holidays, ensure that information is easy to find.

Send a Happy Holidays Email to Past Customers

Send a thank you to customers you’ve worked jobs for in the past and wish them happy holidays. You could also send a holiday discount for your services. This is a good way to target repeat customers and let them know how much their business has meant to you. This can improve customer relations and make them more likely to use your service again.

Give a Gift to Customers

Create an end-of-the-year deal or another special offer tied to holiday celebrations. Putting them within the holiday timeframe can interest customers in your service. Giving gifts like discounts with purchases is another way to bring repeat customers. These incentives are enjoyable for your customers and perfectly fit for the time of year.

Review the Year

Look back at your SEO campaign over the year and determine how you can connect more deeply with your target audience. You can even highlight the successes and achievements of the past year and present those to your customer base.

Hiring SEO Professionals

We understand how busy the holidays can be, and as a home service business, you have your hands full already. Contact Busy Bee Media today to see how our SEO services can benefit your company.