Busy Bee Media | How Image SEO Helps Your Website

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Busy Bee Media | How Image SEO Helps Your Website

How Image SEO Helps Your Website

A strong website uses good graphic design, including integrating images and video into that design. You want people looking at your homepage and being interested in your services, and pictures can help with that customer and visitor experience.

That’s not the only use of images on a website, though. Images, when optimized correctly, can also be used to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) can be improved by ensuring an enjoyable user experience. Search engine crawlers can quickly determine the relevancy of the images you use.

Captioning Images and Providing Alt Text

When search engines look over your site, they want to be able to crawl through it quickly. Providing alt text will make it easy for them to understand the image and why it’s relevant to your website. This can help you rank higher on SERPs. 

Captions and alt text offer the same result to crawlers, but captions are visible to site visitors, while alt text is not. Alt text is helpful for visitors who can’t see images and use a website reader. This can also improve user experience.

Photos of Your Business

While stock photos can be useful for several purposes on your website, your homepage should be headlined by something like a company photo or a picture of the front of your business on a beautiful day. You want to make sure visitors know who you are and feel invited to spend time getting to know you. When visitors are immediately greeted with a stock photo, they are likelier to click away.

High-Quality Images

There’s an important balance to strike with image quality. Small images will be grainy and unappealing, while large images will increase website loading times. Compress your files so that rate doesn’t decrease, but your site doesn’t have to load several large files when opened.

Custom Web Development and Design

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