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Owning and operating a franchise comes with its own set of challenges. You may be part of a well-established company, but you are still responsible for the reputation and success of your branch. Simply operating under a recognized brand name is not enough to ensure success. 

Search engine optimization can benefit Boston franchises, but they can especially benefit from targeted local SEO. In many instances, your franchise may be in direct competition with another branch of the same company nearby. You want to ensure that customers are choosing your location. The competition can be fierce in Boston, so investing in local SEO is vital.

Using Local SEO to Your Benefit 

Local SEO is a valuable asset when trying to compete in a large area like Boston. Leveraging local SEO can help your location stand out from other franchise locations throughout the city and state. When you target your SEO to your neighborhood and community, you illustrate how your services best fit your clients’ needs. The more specific your marketing campaign can be, the increased likelihood you’ll appear at the top of local search engine result pages (SERPs). 

As a franchise owner, you want to use local SEO to influence customers to stop by your location. Properly implemented SEO can impact the amount of business you experience. 

Implementing Boston Franchise SEO

There are a few key points to understand when utilizing local SEO to benefit your franchise. For a strong Boston franchise SEO strategy, you should:

Explore Reviews

One of the first things a prospective customer looks for is the reviews and feedback of others. As a franchise, it is beneficial to highlight various positive reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other online reviewers. Positive reviews can encourage individuals to seek out your specific branch instead of your competition’s. Customer reviews, suggestions, photos, and even videos all make an impact on purchasing decisions. All this can increase traffic. Responding to negative reviews can be just as important.

When disgruntled clients leave negative reviews, it speaks positively of a business to tackle this review with great customer service and communication skills.

Publish Location-Based Content 

Content is an important aspect of any successful SEO campaign. To secure your local market, create content that mentions your location and your surrounding community. Mentioning both aids in geo-location. Your content will help you rank higher in search engine results when users explore franchises in your area. The more you can organically use keywords related to your location, the better you will rank in the search engine results pages, or SERPs. The best way to implement this is by leveraging cultural aspects and physical points of reference in creative ways that help your branch stand out while remaining relevant to your SEO-oriented content creation.

Leverage Google Maps

Locals and tourists alike use digital maps to seek different franchise locations for the brands they know. You want to ensure that customers can find your branch with ease. It is important to have current information on your Google My Business Page, such as your contact information, hours, and directions. Google lets searchers know when your hours were last updated. Frequently updated information will help clients feel at ease when driving to your location, trusting that they will be able to enjoy your services reliably.

Harness Brand Power 

Helping people recognize your brand across all your franchise locations is key to success. It can be as simple as ensuring that your web pages contain the same colors, fonts, logos, and design to promote cohesiveness. 

If you’re considering SEO tactics to boost your franchise, Busy Bee Media has the experience and skills you need. If you are unsure what your Boston franchise SEO needs to stand out, we can help. 

The Boston Franchise SEO Support You Need

As a franchise owner, you already have the boost of a well-established brand. That’s something you can use but not rely on. Your main objective is to ensure that your location outshines your competition. To remain successful, you want to take advantage of what sets you apart, such as your location and any specialized services your customers will want. Local SEO is the best way to promote what makes your franchise unique. Contact Busy Bee Media if you’re ready for a marketing upgrade.

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