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Technical SEO Services for Atlanta, GA

If you operate in a competitive sector of Atlanta and can’t seem to reach the correct clients, Atlanta Technical SEO services from Busy Bee Media may be the answer. Our solutions are fully customizable to your operation. Using sharp SEO practices, we will expand your customer base, improve your brand visibility in niche business communities, and increase revenue by tightening the back end of your website or eCommerce platform as part of a comprehensive strategy.

What Are Technical SEO Services?

SEO focuses on putting up valuable web content with a calculated number of keywords to make your website more visible to potential customers. However, SEO can be about much more than writing blogs.

Atlanta Technical SEO Services focus on improving SEO at the backend of your website, giving you an edge over competitors who leave these details unaddressed. Technical SEO strategies can include: overlooked items such as:
  • Metadata and meta descriptions
  • Menu elements
  • Design elements
  • Captions for images, videos, and other media
  • HTML and CSS tags
  • Internal links
  • Page load speeds
Broadly speaking, our technical SEO strategy focuses on optimizing performance on the server side. This is different from “on-page SEO” such as an SEO-optimized blog post, which is a user-facing SEO strategy. Many of the changes you make as part of a Technical SEO strategy may never be noticed by users, but the results will be felt, both as an improvement to your search rankings and as an improvement to your user experience. Human users—not just search engines—will always prefer a fast-loading, well-organized website over one that is slow and difficult to navigate.

Web crawlers (tireless bots that index the internet on behalf of search engines) consider many factors when calculating their search ranking algorithms. For this, loading speed can be an important element. Most people think of keywords and title tags when they think about SEO, but making sure the technology in your website is running efficiently also matters when dealing with search engines and their ranking criteria.

Even though technical SEO changes are mostly made on the back end, they will impact your website users, the way people feel about your brand, and your ability to generate and convert new business leads.

Optimizing your website’s backend as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve your search engine rankings will offer a greater return on investment when compared to traditional advertising campaigns.

Technical SEO Tips

  • Leverage the power of “robots.txt.” Putting a robots.txt file on your web server allows you to speak directly to the crawlers. Your robots.txt includes simple code that serves as instructions for web crawlers related to your website’s content, structure, and purpose.
  • Apply SEO to your URL. SEO practices can also be applied to individual files and folders. If you have a long history of obtuse file names cluttering up your servers, a technical SEO project led by experts can help reorganize your web pages more effectively.
  • Use a Sitemap. A sitemap in XML is a map of your website that explains its layout and structure to web crawler bots. Integrated website development platforms like WordPress sometimes allow you to automatically generate a sitemap file without advanced knowledge, and you can create an HTML version of your sitemap for human users to reference.
  • Streamline your navigation design. Keep your main menu to around five items so that it’s easier for web crawlers to parse. If your website has a lot of information or content (this is a good thing!) use sub-menus to organize it. Also, make sure the anchor text for your menu links works in some of your main SEO keywords wherever it’s appropriate.

Busy Bee Media – Your Trusted Partner for Atlanta Technical SEO Services

Busy Bee Media’s world-class team of marketers, designers, and technical experts will customize and scale a cutting-edge SEO solution to meet your needs. Whether you need to improve load times or generate new, keyword-rich content to keep your search rankings high—or even if you’re not quite sure what the problem with your website is—Busy Bee Media can help you expand your customer base. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from a partnership with Busy Bee Media.
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