Atlanta Social Media Marketing

For better or worse, social media has become ingrained in our society. Each platform is tailored for different uses, and different demographics will tend to collect on each; however, every platform has one commonality — the potential to benefit your business. With the right planning strategy, these platforms can boost your company’s growth if you incorporate them successfully into your marketing plan. 

Unfortunately, social media is not only positive outcomes and business success. Social media can be confusing and unpredictable while also being unforgiving of mistakes. Crafting an effective social media marketing plan in Atlanta requires a thorough understanding of each individual platform and the associated nuances of how that platform is relevant to your target demographics. Even with this knowledge, you must also have the time to commit — social media requires that you remain relevant through frequent posts. Busy Bee Media employs social media experts to manage your social media presence. Whether you have a partial presence or no presence at all, our team will drive your social media to be the powerhouse it is capable of being for your business. 

Atlanta Social Media Creation

If you already have a successful business in Atlanta, social media may seem like it is more work and effort than it is worth. However, there are many benefits you can experience when it is used correctly. Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube log billions of users. Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat each boast millions of users. Each person scrolling along in these apps is a person whose attention you can catch and draw in to explore your brand. Social media platforms understand their usefulness in marketing strategies and have methods built into their programming to help support businesses.

Images and videos that showcase your products are excellent ways to market your business, but you’re not limited to only sharing products. You can explore your brand and share/create posts that support your business without being product posts. This can include news articles relevant to your industry, fun ways to use your products or even posts that reference the blog portion of your website. 

Influencers are another strong aspect of social media that can be utilized to increase your product visibility. Influencers are individuals with a large social media following that are paid to advertise your services or products. This can look like paid advertisements or sponsorship deals that are crafted to reach people outside of the Atlanta area that would not have exposure to your brand otherwise. 

Applications for Atlanta Social Media Creation

Social media creation has many layers, but the three main factors are:

  1. Content creation. Interesting and informative posts in the form of photos, videos, and phrases that follow your intended brand theme can draw in your target audience. Contacting pre-established content creators can help boost traffic to your social media while you’re in the early stages. The goal is to attract consumers that are likely to follow through to your website and make a purchase.

  1. Audience targeting. Social media relies on hashtags and keywords to search and categorize posts, and understanding how to correctly apply these terms will increase your exposure. Thoughtfully chosen word choices and phrases will ensure your posts reach the screens of your intended audience.

  1. Rapid feedback. Social media is special in that it allows the audience to respond immediately by interacting with the content. Reading the comments and comparing how many likes and comments you have can give you valuable insight into what works for your audience and what does not. There is learning potential in even the most negative responses. 

Atlanta Social Media Creation by Busy Bee Media

Your days are packed with maintaining the everyday management of your business, such as stocking inventory, managing payroll, and interacting with customers. That means you likely do not have time to devote to social media. Mistakes can be disastrous and the effects long-lasting. The social media team at Busy Bee Media is ready to step into this marketing role for you. Our knowledgeable team members can read your brand and translate that into posts and marketing on your behalf. We offer monthly analytical reports and social media audits to show how your business is doing and which areas need improvement. Contact Busy Bee Media today so we can begin coordination on an effective social media strategy to increase your business capabilities.

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