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Whether your roofing company has been well established for years or you are starting a new roofing venture, one of the key aspects of success is drawing in new business, growing sales, and enjoying more profit. It can be a challenge to expand your business’s visibility in a city like Atlanta. One way to achieve success is to be aware of marketing trends and adjust your strategy to fit them. With a strong marketing strategy and a well-developed website, you can easily grow your customer base and increase your profit. 

The digital marketing agency you choose to help develop your marketing strategy is an essential piece of making sure that the marketing campaigns for your roofing business are successful. Identifying, targeting, and appealing to your ideal audience will help to ensure that your business continues to grow and finds long-term success. Busy Bee Media can provide you peace of mind and confidence with expertly developed campaigns to optimize your online presence and expand your marketing. 

Effective Atlanta Roofer Marketing Strategy

If roofing work is done effectively, then it is unlikely that you will have multiple experiences with the same customer. Quality roofing materials can last several decades when installed correctly, with some lasting more than fifty years. This means that, aside from catastrophic events, once you complete roofing work on a home or business you will not work with that customer again. With this reality in mind, you must have a continuously growing customer base and seek out potential clients. Effective marketing can convince potential customers that they should hire your services. 

Good marketing for a roofing business will be adaptable to consistently draw in new clients. There is no single way to create successful marketing, but a few of the strategies with the most impact are: 

  • Designing a user-friendly website. Most customers today will utilize search engines to seek out services they need. A website that is easily accessible on both a desktop and mobile device will draw in more customers and guarantee that potential clients can quickly and easily find the information they need.


  • Creating effective Atlanta roofer marketing for social media. Online content, such as social media, plays a major role in targeting and reaching your ideal customers. This content is also a great way to convince potential clients that your roofing company is the one they should trust. Using a variety of content, such as written ads and videos, is a great way to catch the attention of new clients.

  • Utilizing search engine optimization, or SEO, effectively. Creating a user-friendly website that includes relevant and recent information will improve your standing on search engine results pages. A well-built online presence can improve your search engine standings, which will create brand recognition and draw in new clients.

  • Display reviews from satisfied customers. Showing potential clients that your previous customers were happy with the quality of work you did proves that your business is trustworthy. This can build the reputation of your company and develop a sense of trust between you and your customers. When you complete a job that a customer is happy with, you can ask them to write a short review detailing what you did well.

  • Consider pay-per-click advertising on various search engines. Utilizing paid advertisements, like pay-per-click, is an effective way to boost your search engine results rankings quickly. Depending on strong SEO alone can take time to build up the recognition and reputation you would need for higher rankings. Pay-per-click is also a cost-effective method because you are only required to pay for an advertisement when it is clicked. If you choose to pursue paid ads, make sure that they are well developed and go hand in hand with your marketing strategy to ensure maximum impact. 

Work with Busy Bee Media for Effective Atlanta Roofer Marketing

Creating and maintaining a solid marketing strategy can be overwhelming, but working with an experienced company that focuses on digital media can remove some of the stress. The experts at Busy Bee Media can help you navigate all your marketing needs and guarantee that your roofing business remains competitive. Our team will work to develop effective advertising and craft a strong search engine optimization strategy that consistently attracts new clients. With our support, you can put all your attention on providing the best possible roofing services and customer support for your clients.

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