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Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services for Atlanta, GA

Some online business owners are hesitant to use pay-per-click marketing tactics. They may feel that if their brand and products can stand on their own merits, then good SEO practices and search engine rankings should be sufficient to drive customer engagement. For some lucky businesses, this may even be true. But in crowded markets like Atlanta, where your competitors have plenty of marketing dollars to spend, it is unwise to leave any digital marketing options off the table.

The experts at Busy Bee Media can help you understand and leverage the world of pay-per-click advertising with a world-class, fully customized digital marketing strategy, including Atlanta pay-per-click marketing services.

Why Use Atlanta Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

  • Top search results improve brand visibility, recognition, and trust
  • Increase your reach to customers who may not be using effective searches or searching too generically
  • Modern technology allows for precise geographic and demographic ad targeting so your advertising dollars aren’t wasted on the wrong audience.
  • Pay-per-click marketing campaigns are often a better return on investment than traditional advertising tools, giving you a visibility boost, especially when your business is just starting off online.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

Before you partner with Busy Bee Media for Atlanta pay-per-click marketing services, it’s understandable that you’ll want to know how pay-per-click works. Pay-per-click (or PPC) is a bidding-based model. You select keywords you would like to be associated with on a certain search engine and then bid on those keywords. When someone searches for that keyword, your business will be listed (if your bid was successful), and if an internet user clicks on that link, you will be charged the amount of your bid.
The exact cost per click will depend a lot on your industry, location, and even factors like the time of year. Each click can cost upward of a dollar or two in many cases. That may seem expensive for someone counting on pay-per-click to generate a lot of traffic, but because of the tactic’s highly targeted nature, pay-per-click placements tend to have good conversion rates that make them worth the expense for a lot of eCommerce operators.

For Atlanta pay-per-click marketing strategies to work, you need to be bidding on the right keywords, on the right search engines, and at the right times. Busy Bee Media can help you analyze all of these factors and develop the perfect pay-per-click strategy to maximize the return on your marketing dollars.

Choosing Highly Effective PPC Keywords for the Atlanta Market

A lot of subtle detail goes into choosing the correct pay-per-click keywords for any booming metro market like Atlanta, but there are a few key points that should always be kept in mind when narrowing down your list of phrases to bid on.

  • Geography. Not just “Atlanta” but also the specific neighborhood you serve or nearby points of interest.
  • Specialty. It’s important to consider and convey what makes your business different, and what you do better than your competitors. Think about your story and use it to communicate your brand in a compelling way.
  • Customers. Consider who your customers are when bidding on pay-per-click placements. Be sure to include the words and phrases that potential customers are most likely to use when looking for your services or products.

While slightly different strategies and evaluations are involved, choosing pay-per-click marketing keywords is more or less comparable to choosing your SEO keywords. You want to both find a niche and leverage high-use words; it is not always a one or the other proposition, and neither is pay-per-click keyword bidding. Niche keywords can be used to find customers who aren’t being served elsewhere, and you can also remain active bidding on major keywords to try to get successful visibility and build brand relevance.

Busy Bee Media – Your Atlanta, GA Pay-Per-Click Marketing Experts

If you need assistance setting up a cost-effective pay-per-click marketing campaign that can increase your brand’s standing and improve your bottom line, Busy Bee Media has world-class marketers and technical experts available to help. Don’t enter the fast-paced world of pay-per-click bidding without expert backup. A partnership with Busy Bee Media can mean the difference between wasted clicks and consistent conversions. Contact us for help today.
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