Franchise SEO Strategies for Atlanta, GA

Many entrepreneurs find the franchise model attractive. Franchises have popular products and built-in customer bases that get products moving fast. But even though a familiar logo and national advertising campaigns can drive people into a franchise location, local marketing and online buzz are still crucial for making sure that your franchise location is the one that customers consistently choose.

Localized SEO strategies are a powerful tool. The content you have online will make a difference in search results when a customer searches for your brand and finds multiple franchise locations to select from. A well-designed and implemented Atlanta franchise SEO Strategy can make you the premier location for your parent brand.

Atlanta Franchise SEO Strategies from Busy Bee Media – How It Works

A franchisee is a business operator. As both the owner of a business and the contractually bound representative of a regional, national, or international brand, your location’s marketing and content must adhere to specific guidelines. These will be provided to you by the franchise’s corporate office. To develop and implement an SEO strategy that can make your location stand out, you will have to work with a marketing firm that understands corporate specifics. A successful franchise operation requires you to promote your location and leverage the advertising and promotions available at the corporate level. Busy Bee Media, a full-service provider of Atlanta Franchise SEO Strategies, can create online marketing strategies to highlight your location.

Local SEO – A Critical Tool for Atlanta Franchisees

Localized SEO optimizes your business’s web content so that your search rankings are improved when someone runs a search in a geographic area. This tool helps franchise-based businesses improve their rankings. Localized SEO doesn’t only increase your website traffic, it can also funnel real-world customers to your physical locations.
SEO that works effectively for localized businesses, like individual franchise locations, requires a website that can be easily found, and which has quality content and accurate information about your products and services. Many corporations have their own rules about what sort of website or marketing campaign you can run as a franchisee—and most will even help you with resources of their own. Busy Bee Media understands these contractual relationships and will create effective digital marketing strategies that separate you from your competitors.

Effective Localized SEO Strategies for Atlanta Franchises:

  • Use specific geographic keywords on your website.
  • Use your city or neighborhood name inside the title tags in your HTML.
  • Include contact information on your website with an address.
  • Publish good reviews and testimonials from customers.
  • Use concise but informative meta descriptions.
  • Make sure your location shows up on Google Maps.
  • Register a Google Business listing for your location, then customize it with operating hours, photographs, and any relevant details.
  • Verify that your location is on Yelp! and other review websites—if there are problematic reviews, develop a campaign to solicit better ones from legitimate customers.
  • Use local neighborhood social media groups and apps to speak directly to your customer base.
  • If corporate tools for your franchise include a micro-site on the company’s website, use it, linking it back to your main website.
  • Remember the power of your corporate brand, but focus on what makes your individual operation stand out.

Let Busy Bee Media Work for Your Franchise

Franchising is a popular formula because it has benefits built into the business model:

  • A customer base that craves your products
  • Technology makes it easy to identify and travel to new locations of a franchise
  • Customers know what to expect

Busy Bee Media knows how to leverage the benefits of your franchise-franchisee relationship without breaking your contractual obligations to the parent company. Developing a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your location, we will access new and long-time customers with high-impact localized SEO to improve your search result rankings. We will pair this strategy with:

  • Winning social media campaigns
  • Full-service content creation
  • A comprehensive digital marketing strategy
  • Ad design and implementation services

Let us help you make your franchise location stand out. Reach out to Busy Bee Media so we can review your needs with our experts. We will help you outpace the competition and get more customers into your establishment no matter what part of the greater Atlanta area you operate in.
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