6 Popular Platforms for Online Advertising

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6 Popular Platforms for Online Advertising

Online advertising is a good way to market your business. By placing ads on various websites and blogs, you can target specific audiences, depending on their interests. Here are seven types of popular online advertising available:

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to target your audience, as you can select a certain number of people and specific demographics. You choose the amount you want to spend on ads in a week, and Facebook will maximize the results for that amount.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords lets you market to any specific location in the world. The results of Google AdWords, like Facebook ads, are only as big as your budget. You set your budget for a pay-per-click ad campaign. Then, you can measure the success rate of your various campaigns, monitor and compare analytics, and increase or decrease your budget for each ad appropriately.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ad campaigns are based on bids placed through the ad auction on ad spots. Advertisers compete against other advertisers who have the same target audience of LinkedIn members. The ad is sold to the highest bidder, but the final price depends on the competition for the target audience.

TikTok Advertising

Using the TikTok algorithm, you can reach the most relevant audience at a price that fits your budget. Their easy setup and versatile platform are gaining popularity around the world.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is still a valuable place to market products and services. The average cost of YouTube advertising ranges from $0.10 to $0.30 per action or view. With an average daily budget of $10, you can garner a reasonable amount of engagement.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising models are a bit more complicated than some previously mentioned platforms. Additionally, they cost more. The average cost of cost-per-click ads ranges from $0.70 to $1.00. 

If you’re unsure which ads would best benefit your business, contact Busy Bee Media for help.