3 Ways To Appear on Google

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3 Ways To Appear on Google

You have your website. Your customers are satisfied. You’re using your keywords, incorporating tags, and even creating original content. And, yet, you’re not on the front page of Google.

If this has ever happened to you, don’t worry. We have some tips on how to help your business rise through the ranks of the world’s most popular search engine.

Submit Your Site

Getting onto Google doesn’t just involve good luck with the algorithm and web-crawling bots. You can boost your ranking by submitting your website directly to Google, which informs the search engine that you exist and can provide a bit of a nudge.

Register With Google Business

If you’ve ever wondered how businesses can appear for specific search queries, such as “electricians in my city,” Google Business is the answer. By registering with Google Business, your SEO will improve in just a few weeks, allowing you to appear in relevant searches more and more often. This can also allow you to verify your business, adding more credibility and ensuring that customers know you’re definitely in their area.

Perfect Your Keywords, Tags, and SEO Practices

It’s not all about letting Google do the hard work. Understanding how SEO truly works will increase how many search queries you can appear in. You need a good understanding of the following:

  • What keywords your customers are searching for, and how to incorporate them naturally into text.
  • How tags work, and where and when to insert them.
  • Using content creation to include keywords about specific and relevant topics increases the search scope beyond what your basic website could discuss.
  • Post your URL in social media posts, profiles, and online directories. This can increase traffic directly to your website while making your company’s URL more known and, thus, more likely to appear on future searches.

Get Busy Bee Media To Help

We understand that, as a business owner, you can’t also be expected to do all of the marketing work yourself. That’s where Busy Bee Media comes in. We’re the experts in online marketing and SEO, and we’ll use our knowledge to help you attract customers and stay competitive. Contact us today to learn more.