Busy Bee Media Group – Local Internet Marketing

When it comes to your ad dollar we understand that you need a good ROI (return on investment) in order for your advertising program to be considered a successful one. That’s why at Busy Bee Media we created internet marketing programs to fit both local and national clients looking to reap the rewards that rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing can produce.

Do you know there are over 1.1 Billion searches a month online? Do you know that out of those 1.1 billion searches 8 out of 10 are looking for a local business? Yes…..A business like yours.

So what do they do when they find your business? They are looking at your website (your store front online), viewing information (eg. Hours of operation, products & services you offer, and even in some cases your portfolio). So what happens if you don’t have a website? Well the answer is simple really, they go to your competitor.

We want to help you get these potential customers. We understand that an affordable search engine optimization option can help you get where you want, need, envision your business going and can walk with you step by step. Contact us today and set up an appointment to meet with our  specialists and receive a free no obligation online advertising consultation. We evaluate your current website (if you have one), link popularity, competitors, keywords etc. We will also give you SEO tips that can help your business come up better on the search engines. What do you have to lose except another client/customer. Stop losing your clients/customers to a competitor, let us do the work while you, your business and your clients/customers reap the rewards. After all isn’t that why we start a business?

Why do I need Online Advertising?

Gone are the days of placing an ad in the yellow pages or newspaper and hope that your customers/clients are looking there picking up the phone and calling. This simply doesn’t happen as often as it use to. The yellow pages use to use the value story of when someone is looking for you they go to the yellow pages. When someone doesnt know what business they are looking for they go to the yellow pages. Unfortunately for the yellow pages that is simply not the case as it use to be. Think about it, where did you go last time you were going to buy something or do research on a company? If your like 80% of the population you went to the internet, thats why you are reading this now!

How about radio advertising?

The same effect has happened. On the Radio you have to place spots on several different stations and hope that the client you are looking for doesn’t use XM Radio (which alot of people do) or happen to listen to a cd more often then the radio so they not listen to commercials or perhaps just change to the next station when a commercial comes across the radio. Think about it when was the last time you listened to a radio commercial? People just don’t listen to the radio to hear advertisements they listen to the radio to hear music. So while this is a great place to blast your message to the masses for branding services to do it right it is also very expensive and doesnt bring the ROI all business owners are looking for and need.

How about TV advertising?

TV advertising is even a little more tricky and can be as, if not more expensive then other forms of advertising. All you have to do is think about what you do when a commercial comes on (use the restroom, chase after the kids, etc.)? After all, we all grew up hearing wait until the commercial break, thats when people leave the room or take care of something they put off while their show is on. To top it off with DVR people now record their shows and fast forward through the commercials. I think you see why this can be an expensive option while trying to build your client base. Great for branding, not so great for bringing customers that need or want your service/products now.

Internet Advertising on the other hand can be great for both branding and brining in new customers/clients both locally and nationally at an affordable rate. With the internet you can brand your product/service and generate new clients on a daily basis. The advertising dollars you spend depend on the reach of the market you want to concentrate on and can help improve your ROI. Below we have listed the ways Busy Bee Media targets your internet marketing program depending on your needs.

Local Website Marketing 
Over 80% of people searching online are searching for businesses in their local area. A restaurant, plumber, electrician, attorney and even a clothing or electronic store. With our local internet marketing/SEO programs we target a geo area of where we decide together your customers/clients will likely come from. We do this by using the knowledge of the area, geo targetting report info and in some cases the results we have in that market for the type of business as your own. While targeting in a more local fashion you are targeting those in your community and keeping the cost down which in turn helps you generate the ROI you need & want.

With Busy Bee Media all our local internet marketing/SEO programs allow for only 3 clients per heading, per market. This ensures we don’t “water down” your opportunity for ROI by working with all your competition and generate rankings for everyone in the market – which in turn leads to no real help to any client. This has been a very effective tactic for our clients to know we will only work with 2 of their competitors at most.

Regional Website Marketing 
We know there are alot of markets and businesses that cover a regional area and not just a local area. We understand that in some markets the only way to generate real results is by having a regional internet marketing SEO package. This is why Busy Bee Media has regional internet marketing SEO programs to help your business generate rankings in a complete region instead of just one county. When you sign up for a regional marketing program we target your keywords in the cities surrounding the whole region (or state depending on the program). This is a cost effective way for our clients to reach a larger market without paying a national campaign cost. If you are in a regional internet marketing program provided by Busy Bee Media every market you are in will only allow for 2 more advertisers keeping to our strict 3 advertisers per heading per market guideline. Your success is our success and we dont want to water down your results.

National Website Marketing
When it comes to a national internet marketing SEO campaign we target the keywords that matter! Unlike our local or regional packages we target the keyword without the city or state. This is a lot more competitive and the costs can be a lot higher but you will generate a lot more calls to your busines and visits to your website. National SEO campaigns are not for every business. If your business only services your local or regional market than it would be better to stick with one of those programs, otherwise you will be wasting time answering calls and emails from customers you dont or cant service. When it comes to a National internet marketing campaign there are several things to consider. When we handle a national SEO campaign we treat it as a new business and like to have our groundwork and internet marketing plan handy to ensure we generate an ROI for you asap. Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our search engine optimization specialists who can gather more information about your company and details we need to create a program that will generate results. When it comes to national SEO campaigns we can only accept 2 clients per heading to ensure our clients are getting the best results & ROI.